Hi, I’m Wendy!

Wendy hold a pen and pad to write withI’m a “Can Do” Kid who likes to write. I’m seven years old and in the second grade at “Can Do” Street Elementary School.

I try to get the other “Can Do” Kids to practice writing with me so writing paragraphs and other writing assignments in school are easier for them. I’m good at writing because I write every day.

I think writing is fun!

I’ve been writing since I was three, even before I knew the alphabet or how to print letters! How could that be? Well…I began to write by storytelling; that’s where writing begins.

I learned that writing is just telling a story on a page.

I carry a pencil and pad with me most of the time. I makes notes about what I see and do during the day in case I want to write about it later.

If you want writing to be easy and not hard, start doing the exercises on this site. Be sure to choose your age group and grade level.

Ask a family member to help you if you are in pre-K or kindergarten. Ask someone to check your work if you are in first or second grade.

Thanks for stopping by.

I really like it when a boy or girl wants to write with me!