The Gracious Pantry

Tiffany McCauley started The Gracious Pantry in August, 2008 as a means of keeping track of not only her recipes, but her attempts at losing weight. To her surprise, clean eating, as she calls it, did the trick when all other eating plans  failed her.Tiffany describes cleaning eating as,”The consumption of simple foods in their natural states. The avoidance of processed, boxed or otherwise “tampered with” foods.”

Down 40 lbs. to date, Tiffany is committed to a clean eating lifestyle and to sharing clean eating recipes with her readers.

Tiffany’s recipes are not only healthy, they are kid friendly! She shares one such recipe, “Clean Eating Pizzadias” in our Recipes section of the navigation bar above. As Tiffany puts it, “Hands down, this is my son’s favorite recipe.”

Visit the Gracious Pantry for recipes that are healthier, yet flavorful adaptations of some favorite foods such as eggnog and chili to name just a few at


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