More of What’s Being Said About “Can Do’ Street
Thanks to reader Joe M for this suggestion! “Can Do” Street is designed for youngsters (3-7) maneuver through a street where they learn valuable lessons in life and learning. The animation is extremely attractive and age appropriate. It’s easy to see how youngsters would get lost in the content and learning while having fun. The content seems wonderful.

“Can Do” Street is a discovery learning website that offers 3-7 year old children fun ways to develop decision making skills about personal safety, friendship, sharing, appropriate behavior and other life skills. The site provides interactive activities for children through creative cartoon programs and educational games as well as downloads that include coloring and activity sheets, follow-up exercises, and instructional materials for parents and teachers.

Note: Both these organizations  and dozens of others expressed hope that our site could be made free so all could enjoy it.  “Can Do” Street is now free for all who want to use it and will  be supported through advertising.


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