Teacher’s Pet

There’s a new  resource site for teachers by teachers, that is so worth the visit!  I think parents will be interest in this site as well.  Teacher’s Pet, a United Kingdom based site, launched in April of this year. It offers classroom  materials, teaching ideas, stickers, themes,  etc.

The web site is the combined work of Christina, a qualified teacher and Jason, a web developer. Christina is in charge of the content for the site and Jason the site itself.

Christina describes her aim in developing Teacher’s Pet as, “Creating a free and useful teaching tools that are unique and creative but also relevant for today’s schools.” Jason, who describes himself as a Flash Junkie, is in the process of developing Flash games and activities for the site’s interactive whiteboard.

In just six months since the launch of Teacher’s Pet, visitors to the site made 113,387 downloads. You can view the site by going to www.tpet.co.uk


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