Nurse Diane Speaks to the “Can Do” Kids About Being Health Smart

Hi, I’m Diane Hopkins. Not only do I play the role of a nurse on “Can Do” Street, I am a nurse!

In the interactive program, Germs, I  speak to the “Can Do” Kids about what germs are and how to avoid them so they don’t get sick. When your child plays the program he or she gets to make decisions for the “Can Do” Kids, helping them avoid germs and practice good personal hygiene such as hand washing and covering their mouth and nose when they cough or sneeze.

In Food is Fuel I speak about food being the fuel that runs our bodies and gives us the energy to do well in school and  in recreational and sports activities. Your child will have the opportunity, while playing the program, to make decisions about what foods are good meal foods and snack foods.

Both programs reinforce what your child is learning at home and in school.


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