Wrestling…Building Confidence On and Off the Mats

The following post is courtesy of Coach Ned Campbell.

 Hi, my name is Ned Campbell, and I am a wrestling coach in New York City. While New York City is not typically well known for its wrestling, that is starting to change. With the generous and energetic support of Beat the Streets-NYC, wrestling programs in the city have increased in number and improved in skill.

In this brief video clip taken at the Brooklyn Wrestling Club, you see young boys and girls having fun doing something that comes naturally to them: wrestling.  They are doing it in a safe and structured environment under the watchful eyes of certified coaches with years of experience.

While it is clear these kids are having fun, there are other benefits of having your child wrestle.

Wrestling develops a child’s strength, flexibility, and stamina.  It will help build positive character traits in your child which will help them make better life choices and decisions.

As a USA Wrestling coach and the head coach of Brooklyn’s James Madison high school, I can tell you from first-hand experience how great an influence the sport of wrestling has been on my teenaged athletes. 

Their development and maturation has been unmatched by participants in other sports I have coached. They became better students, more self-confident, and positive role-models for our younger wrestlers. They grew into young adults with high personal standards that made others around them better people. In short, they became leaders.

A child’s development is a priority for Beat the Streets NYC and USA Wrestling.  Under the guidance of certified coaches, your child will learn to handle challenges—both on and off the mat—leaving you amazed at their transformation.

Wrestling will:

  • Improve your child’s self confidence,

  • Teach them to respect themselves and others,

  • Promote excellence and encourage them to set goals,

  • Teach them personal accountability and responsibility.

  • Develop honesty, discipline and a strong work ethic-traits that will last a lifetime,

  • Expose them to positive role models.

  • There is no showboating or unsportsmanlike behaviors in the sport of wrestling.  The ideals of good sportsmanship are always upheld.

Beat the Streets NYC and USA Wrestling believe strongly that today’s wrestlers will excel at whatever careers they pursue later in life.

For more information please visit:

James Madison high school in Brooklyn New York, the home of the Golden Knights wrestling team and club. http://madisongoldenknightswrestling.com/

The Brooklyn Wrestling Club, is an authorized training center and chartered club. It is located at 128-130 Brighton Beach Avenue, 2nd floor,  Brooklyn, New York 11235.  It has wrestling classes for kids of all ages and skill levels. http://wrestlingnewyork.com/

Beat the Streets-NYC is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and expanding the sport of wrestling with youth league wrestling programs and expanded opportunities for high school wrestlers.   The Beat the Streets Manhattan Training Center is located at 145 Thompson Street, New York City 10012.http://www.beat-the-streets.org/

USA Wrestling is hosted by TheMat.com at http://www.themat.com/


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