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The “Can Dos” Need Help with Spelling

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Do you need help with spelling? Well the “Can Dos” do!

Kathy wasn’t the only one who didn’t do well in the spelling bee. Most of the class missed words very early on in the spelling bee.

The only ones who lasted in the spelling bee were…Orrie, Yundi and Nellie. I know you could have guessed that Orrie would do well, but Nellie and Yundi were a surprise. What was more of a surprise was that Yundi, not Orrie won the spelling bee!

Miss Pat had a long talk with the “Can Dos” and all agreed that they would learn five new spelling words a night, from their vocabulary book. They promised to know how to use each new word in a sentence.

In exchange, Miss Pat would design more word jumbles to help them with their spelling.

So, here is the first one she gave them to do. Just print out the word jumble and see how you do.


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School Word Jumble

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

wordThe “Can Dos” finished their classwork for the day. Miss Pat was concerned that there was entirely too much talking; she decided to give the class a word jumble. The word jumble is all about things you find in a school.

Why not try your luck at the jumble?














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Do the Work…Be a Winner!

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

workCoach is getting ready for the afternoon session at the Rec Center.

A very sullen Hector drags himself in, head down.

Hey Hector, what’s up? Ready for this afternoon? It’s going to be fun.

No Coach, I can’t come today…or any other day for a while.

What? How come, what happened?

I got my report card yesterday, and my Mom is mad at me. She says I have to come home everyday right after school until my grades get better.

Wow, how bad was the report card?

Not that bad, I only failed two classes.

Hold on a minute, you failed two classes. Are you are trying to tell me that failing only two classes isn’t that bad? Really?

Well, I mean…I did pass my other classes.

Hector, you are supposed to pass ALL of your classes. If you don’t, you end up falling behind, and that is no fun at all. I mean, right now you have to skip our afternoon sessions for a while, and you can’t be happy about that, are you?


If you had passed all your classes, would your Mom be mad at you?

Probably not.

Now, why did you fail these classes? What is the problem?

Well, I failed math because I just don’t get it.

Oh, so it’s not really your fault then, right? I mean it is math, and you just can’t do math, right? No way, no how, just can’t do it?

Oh, come on Coach. You know what I

Not sure that I do know what you mean. So, let me ask you some questions.

Do you get homework?


Do you do it?

No, not really.

Do you think that not doing your homework hurt you,?

Yeah, I guess.

You guess? Hmm, do you remember when we first met?


Do you remember how you couldn’t do any of the exercises? You couldn’t keep up with the other kids. Remember telling me you just couldn’t do it?

Oh yeah, and I remember how you got mad at me for saying that.

Of course, because you were giving up on yourself. Without even trying to get better, you were looking to give up.  Now, a few years later, can you do all the exercises?

You bet I can!

So, what changed?

I didn’t give up, I did the work, everyday, and after a while I started to get better.

That’s right, you did the work. Now you are one of the best in the room. See how hard work pays off? It takes time, but it does make a difference.

Now, if you did the math work, every night, do you think you would have failed?

No way.

Now, what was the other class you failed?


What? History, let me guess….another class you did not do the homework.

Yeah. I tried to catch up, but it was just too much reading and vocabulary.

Hector, if I asked you to do 10 push-ups a day, could you do it?


Now if you skipped a week, could you do 70 push-ups at once?

No, I can’t do that many at once.

See how letting your work slip, you fall behind, and then you set yourself up to fail?

Yeah, I do.

Now, what do I always say about what it takes to be a winner?

You gotta’ do the hard work now, in order to be ready to win later.

That’s right. If you do your homework, keep up with your readings, then come test time, you are ready to win.

Do the work, everyday, and be a winner!


Story By: Ned Campbell, a coach and teacher in Brooklyn, NY

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Some of the “Can Do” Kids Take a Writing Class

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Wendy FrontWendy is the “Can Do Kid who loves to write. She writes every day. That is why Wendy is so good at writing.

Most of the other “Can Do” Kids do well with writing but…Bobby, Eulyn, Maria and Yundi, Wendy’s brother, need to get better at writing. When the community center announced that there would be a beginner writing class for young kids, in the early grades of elementary school, their moms enrolled them in the class.

Maria and Eulyn were willing to go every Saturday morning for 4 weeks. They knew they needed help with writing.

However, Bobby and Yundi were really unhappy about having to take the class. After all, it was baseball season, and they were on the team. How would the team get along without them?

Eulyn, Maria, Yundi and Bobby were thrilled to discover that their teacher was Miss Pat! Miss Pat was concerned that the “Can Dos” were having problems with identifying the main idea in stories. So she started the class with the following story to help them recognize the main idea . Read the story and see if you can pick out the main idea of the story

The Story:

Mark trys to be friendes with Jim, the new boi in school. First, Mark smils at Jim in the lunch room. Mark has a dog. Mark plaes with Jim after lunch.. Finalliy, he shares a seat with Jim on the school bus.

When the  “Can Dos” finished picking out the main idea of the story, Miss Pat gave them directions for doing other things with the story. Just follow the directions and correct the errors in each sentence.


Underline sentences that have details that say more about the main idea.

Cross out the sentence that does not belong to the main idea.

Circle the words that are misspelled or need to begin with a capital letter.

Why not get busy writing an ending for the story?

Be sure and have your parent or older brother or sister check your work to see how you did.

Have fun!

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Vocabulary Trivia

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

vocabularyMiss Pat decided to give the class some vocabulary trivia that they could use with friends and family.

Here it is…have fun!

Rhythms is the longest word in the English language without the vowels a,e,i,o,u.

Soupspoons is the longest word made up of letters entirely from the second half of the alphabet.

Underground and underfund are the only two words that begin and end with und.

Forty is the only number with all the letters in alphabetical order.

Bookkeeper is the only word that has three consecutive double letters.

Dreamt is the only word that ends in mt.

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