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Ice SkatingTips from the “Can Do” Kids

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

picture of children ice skatingThe day after Christmas found several of the “Can Dos” ice skating on the  ice rink behind the community center.

Jay has his own skates and is a good skater. He learned to ice skate when he was three, before he and his family came to “Can Do” Street. Annie and Kathy are also good ice skaters, but Nellie and Willie and Arthur J. are beginner level skaters.They need to take lessons and get help from the other “Can Dos’ who know how to skate.

Here are some ice skating tips from Jay, Annie and Kathy to help you with learning to ice skate:

  • Don’t push. If you are not doing well, wait a while and try again.
  • Bring a pocketful of small stuffed animals and if the rink’s not crowded practice bending over to pick them up.
  • Play Red Light, Green Light to practice starting and stopping.
  • Make sure to lace or cinch your boots tightly. If your foot wobbles in its skate boot, you won’t have any stability on the ice.
  • Unless you are playing ice hockey, don’t wear knee pads. Instructors say they restrict moving too much.
  • To improve your balance, don’t look at your feet and hold your arms out in front, as if putting them on a table.
  •  Grab your knees if you feel a fall coming on. This will lower your center of gravity and may prevent the fall.

Keep practicing ice skating and you will get good at it.

Happy Ice Skating!

Dear Parents, Teachers, Boys and Girls,

Thank you for your faithful readership. As of January 2018, stories that have been published here in the kids blog, over the past 7 years, will be taken down, and many will appear again in 2019 in existing and new features on  the “Can Do” Street site.