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The Flashlight

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

flashlightKathy took the flashlight from its hook in the kitchen closet and slipped it under her robe. She took the back staircase from the kitchen upstairs to her bedroom.

She slipped the flashlight under her bed.  Then she took the book she had been reading, Anne of Green Gables, and slipped it under her pillow.

She smiled to herself, thinking  about how she could read by flashlight after bedtime. She went downstairs and joined her family in the living room to watch a TV show together.

When it was time for bed , she kissed her parents and made her way up to bed. Kathy shared a bedroom with Annie, her sister, so she had to wait until Annie fell asleep before trying to read by flashlight.

Once Annie was asleep, Kathy reached down and took the flashlight from under her bed and the book from under her pillow. She pulled the covers over her head so that the light from the flashlight could not be seen, is anyone passed by her bedroom door. She was also worried that the light from the flashlight might wake Annie and then Kathy would get in trouble for sure.

Kathy lost all track of time. When she heard her parents coming up to bed she quickly turned off the flashlight and tucked the book under her pillow. She pretended to be asleep. Just then her mom opened the door to her room and thinking that Kathy was asleep, said to Kathy’s dad, “I’m happy to see that Kathy is getting a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is the big spelling bee and Kathy is such a good speller.I think she really has a good chance at winning.”

Oh no thought Kathy, I forgot about the spelling bee. I better get to sleep. When the alarm rang the next morning she had such a hard time waking up. She forgot to return the flashlight to the closet and left the book under her pillow. She was running late for school, so her mom told her to skip making her bed, that she would make it for her.

flashlightWell, the bad news is Kathy fell asleep during the spelling bee and missed her turn. So, she was out of the spelling bee.

The other bad news…she had a lot of explaining to do when she got home. Kathy took the flashlight from its hook in the kitchen closet and slipped it under her robe.