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Riddle, Riddle, Who Has a Good Riddle?

Monday, March 11th, 2013

riddleIt was riddle contest day at “Can Do” Street school. The “Can Do” Kids were bursting with riddles to share with each other.

Miss Pat called the class to order and announced that the riddle contest would we held right after lunch. The”Can Dos” could hardly wait!

Wendy was the first to say a riddle: I keep things safe. I have a hole in my middle. A key will open me. What am I?

Then Bobby went: I know the numbers 1 through 12. I have two hands. My hands move all day long. What am I?

It was Orrie’s turn next: My name is the same as what I do. People try to swat me. What am I?

Annie shared a riddle that went like this: I lay around all the time. People step on me, but it doesn’t hurt. Dogs like to sleep on me. What am I?

Hector had a good one too: I’m round. I’m made of metal. I have a picture of George Washington on me. Kids save me in a piggy bank. What am I?

 Nellie shared her riddle: I am made out of wood or plastic. I am straight. Kids use me to measure things. What am I?

Which riddle do you like the best? Which riddle was the hardest? Did yo get all the riddles right?

Math …Math…Math

Friday, September 21st, 2012

The “Can Dos” have been having a hard time with math according to their math teacher.

Once again, Miss Pat was asked to make up computer games for math. The math teacher was hoping that some math games might make learning the 6x table easier.

Their math teacher also hoping that a math game about the 4x table might help too.

mathWhen the “Can Dos” came to computer class, Miss Pat announced that she made some math games for them. At first, the “Can Dos” were not so thrilled to play games about math, but when they say how it made remembering the times tables easier, they were happy about it!

Why not try the games out? Go to the Club House, choose games, then choose times tables.

Have fun with the math games!



Using Computer Games to Brush up on Vocabulary

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

gamesThe “Can Dos” were happy to be back in the computer lab with Miss Pat. They didn’t know it, but the Language Arts teacher asked Miss Pat to make some computer games out of vocabulary words.

Miss Pat Made up two matching games about fruits and vegetables most often eaten in the fall and the winter.

Why not play the games along with the “Can Dos” and see how you do?

Go to the Home page, to Club House and choose Games. Then choose Do You Eat and/or Fall and Winter Vegetables.

Have fun and good luck with the games!

Those Pesky Punctuation Marks!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

punctuationMiss Pat decided to make a matching game using punctuation marks after teaching punctuation for the past few weeks.

Most of the class knew the names of at least two of the marks, but were still having trouble with the names of the other punctuation marks.

Why don’t you go to the “Can Do” club house, choose games, choose punctuation game and see how you do matching the names of the punctuation marks to the marks?

The Homophones Quiz

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

homophones quizWell, just as she promised, Miss Pat gave the class a quiz on homophones.

Why not print out this page and take the homophones quiz that the “Can Do” kids took and see how you do.

If you played the Homophones Matching Games found in the games section of the “Can Do” Club House you will know what words to use in each sentence of the homophones quiz.

The Homophones Quiz.

Directions: Fill in the blanks with the right words.

1. Use way or weigh in the following sentences.

Mary needs to …………….. the fruit before she pays for it.

Jimmy takes the same …………..home from school every day.

2. Use be or bee in the following sentences.

Hector needs to ……..quiet.

Orrie loves to be part of a spelling…………..

3. Use see or sea in the following sentences.

Mickey cannot………..

The ……….is rough today.

4. Use hear or here in the following sentences.

Sit …………!

Annie wears something in her ear to help her……………..

5. Use no or know in the following sentences.

I said…………!

Do you…………where you are going?

6. Use stare or stair in the following sentences.

It is not polite to ……………at people.

The library …………is chipped.

7. Use right or write in the following sentences.

Doing the ……….thing is always a good idea.

Did you ……… your cousin today?

8. Use meat and meet in the following sentences.

Not everyone eats………

We said we would……… in the library.

9. Use weak or week in the following sentences.

When you are sick, you may feel……………

Next…………I am going to visit my grandma.

10. Use whole or hole in the following sentences.

Hector got a stomach ache after he ate the……………candy bar and didn’t share.

Bobby threw the ball and made a ……… his neighbor’s window.