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The”Can Do”s Volunteer to Help with Crafts in Spring Camp

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

picture of grandma hattie, the crafts teacher, with her hand on her hip Boys and girls,” said Miss  Hattie, “Spring Camp is coming in a few weeks and I need volunteers to help me with my preschool crafts classes here, at the Community Center.

I need two volunteers for the morning crafts session from 10 until 11 am and two volunteers for the afternoon session from 1 to 2 pm.”

Everybody, except Hector looked up from their crafts projects and gave Miss Hattie their attention. Hector kept his head down and kept working on his crafts project. Willie poked Hector saying, “Hey Hector, that’s my grandma you’re ignoring”!

“Sorry Willie; sorry Grandma Hattie, I mean Miss Hattie, I am sorry for not paying attention,” said Hector. It’s just that I don’t want to help with little kids. I’ve got a little brother and I have to help him all the time and that’s enough helping to have to do”! Miss Hattie smiled and said, “I  understand how you feel, Hector, but maybe you could help in another way. How about you hand out crafts materials before class? Maybe you would rather collect the craft materials after class and put them away. I always need help with sweeping up after class.”

Hector thought for a moment and then said, “Put me down for sweeping up after the morning crafts  class. I like to sweep. It’s fun.”  Before Miss Hattie could thank Hector, Jay raised his hand and volunteered to sweep after the afternoon crafts class. Then Bobby volunteered to set up for the morning class and  the afternoon class. Miss Hattie said, “Thank you. That will be such a big help! Now, who wants to work with the preschoolers”?

Orrie, Nellie, Kathy and Arthur Jay raised their hands. “That’s wonderful,” said Miss Hattie. “Is there anyone who hasn’t volunteered”? Yundi, Wendy and Eulyn raised their hands. When Miss Hattie called on Yundi he explained that he and his sister were going to visit their Grandma who lives in California for the week.  Then she called on Eulyn who shared that she was going ot Ohio to visit her aunt and two cousins. Miss Hattie wished them all a  safe trip and a good time.

“Okay, here’s the fun part,” said Miss Hattie, “Who has ideas for crafts that the preschoolers might like”? Orrie was first to raise his hand. When called on he said, ” I have a no mess paint craft.”  Miss Hattie nodded and said, “I’m all for that.” Nellie raised her hand and said, “I can make jewelry you can eat.”  That got everyone’s attention, but before they could ask how the crafts projects were done the bell rang signaling that crafts class was over.

Miss Hattie said, “When we meet next, Orrie and Nellie can tell us how to do the crafts they told us about. Meanwhile, I still need suggestions for 3 more crafts for classes during Spring Camp Week. Everyone look in the crafts section of the “Can Do” Street Mall for ideas on what crafts to do. They’re all free.  Be ready to describe the crafts that might work with preschoolers.”

Crafts will be continued in Saturday’s post.