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The Can Do Kids Fund Raise for Kids in Japanese Earthquake

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Miss Sue called a meeting of the “Can Do’ Kids Club at the Community Center to talk about ways to fund raise to help the kids in the earthquake in Japan.

A building where the community meetsThe “Can Do” Kids knew about the earthquake from their parentsĀ  and their teacher, Miss Pat. They all agreed that everyone needed to help that could help because the kids who experienced the earthquake need so much. Not only do they need clothes and food and housing, they need school supplies and books.

fund raiseMiss Sue opened the discussion by asking the kids to come up with ways they thought they could fund raise .

Kathy suggested that the Can Do Cooking Club organize a bake sale and ask the seniors to help them with baking. They would sell the baked goods on a Saturday, during sporting events at the center, when parents came to watch their kids games. Miss Sue said, “That’s a great idea, Kathy.

Let’s have a show of hands to see if everyone agrees that this is a good way to fund raise.” It was unanimous!

“OK, how else can we fund raise,” asked Miss Sue. Hector raised his hand and when called on said,”How about a community car wash? We could get our older brothers and sisters to help.” Not everyone was for the idea, but the majority voted yes, so the car wash was a go for a Saturday in April in the parking lot of the Community Center.

Miss Sue beamed at the group and said, ” You are very generous to want to help the children in Japan. I am very proud of you.

What you fund raise will go to a Japanese charity for children!