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Halloween Computer Matching Games

Friday, October 19th, 2012

The “Can Do” Kids, burst into the computer lab just as Miss Pat was putting the finishing touches on the Halloween games she promised them in home room that morning.

“Take your seats at your computer stations and beginning playing the Halloween matching games,” said Miss Pat.

The “Can Dos” scrambled to get to their seats and followed Miss Pat’s directions to find the Halloween games.

Why not play along? Just go to the “Can Do”: Club House, choose games and choose Halloween games.

Have fun with the Halloween Games!


The “Can Do” Kids Eat Out

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Miss Pat couldn’t help but notice that some of the “Can Do” Kids were not using good table manners in the cafeteria.

She had money left from a class trip in early September, so, she decided to take the “Can Do” Kids out to the local diner in the hopes that eating in a restaurant might help them to remember their manners, at least she hoped they would.

Before they walked to the “Can Do” Diner. Miss Pat reviewed the rules:

  • When ordering, speak clearly and politely and say please and thank you.
  • Order what you know you will eat.
  • Use your napkin to wipe your face and hands, don’t wipe your hands on your clothes.
  • No pushing or seat grabbing.
  • No throwing food, touching other kids food or using straws to blow milk at each other.

The “Can Do” Kids all agreed to mind their manners and behave. Grandma Hattie and Grandpa Dooley agreed to come along and help Miss Pat.

The walk to the restaurant went well. The “Can Do” Kids were fine sitting down. Things didn’t get tough until the menus came out and each “Can Do”had to decide what to order. Naturally most of the “Can Do” Kids wanted French fries and a soda with their meal, but Miss Pat wanted them to take a veggie and low fat milk.

Grandpa Dooley suggested a compromise. Every “Can Do” who chose a veggie over French fries and milk over soda got to have a dish of ice cream for dessert. All but one “Can Do” chose veggie’s and milk. The one who held out for French fries, was, you guessed it…Hector. So, his dessert was a small fruit salad. Miss Pat wouldn’t give in on the soda; Hector had to drink milk!

The “Can Do” Kids made Miss Pat proud! They were well behaved. Miss Pat proved to herself that they did have table manners. They just had to be reminded to use them in the cafeteria.

Here are the menus the “Can Do” Kids got to choose from. What would you have chosen to order?

"Can Do"

   "Can Do"

Animals Have Homes

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

animals have homesMiss Pat asked,”Do you know that animals have homes”?

Some of the “Can Dos” looked confused, then Hector raised his hand and said,” Yeah, cats and dogs and fish and gerbils and hamsters make their homes with us, because they are our pets.” He looked so proud of himself and the class all nodded their heads in approval.

Miss Pat smiled and said, “Well, you are right, Hector, but I was speaking of animals that are not pets. I am referring to animals that live outdoors or in the water.”

Orrie raised his hand and When Miss Pat called on him, he said,” Cows live on a farm.” Miss Pat nodded, “That’s right, Orrie, they live on a farm but what do they live in on the farm? Where to they stay when it is raining or cold or when it is night time and time for sleep.”?

Willie raised his hand and said, ” They live in a barn on the farm.”

“Excellent,” said Miss Pat,”There are so many animals and they all have homes. So let’s go to our computers and play two new games I made for you. They are both about animals and where they live.”

Once the “Can Dos” were at their computers, Miss Pat gave them them directions for finding and playing the two new matching games. She reminded them that these games would help with vocabulary building and spelling as well as helping them learn where the animals live.

Why don’t you play along boys and girls at home? Just follow these directions from Miss Pat.

  • Go to the “Can Do” club house
  • Choose games
  • Play the games called Animal Homes  and Animals in Water

The “Can Do” Kids Know at Home Fire Safety; Do You?

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Take the quiz below with a parent and see how much you know about what to do in case of a home fire.

The Home Fire Safety Quiz Part 1

1.       Does your family have a plan for being safe if a fire broke out in your house/apt?__________

2.       How will you get out of the house/apt?__________________________________________

3.       Do you have at least two ways of getting out of the house/apt to safety?

4.       Where will you meet up with your family?________________________________________

Part 2

5.       Circle where you need smoke detectors in your home:  top of stairs   bedrooms   basement  closet   back door

6.       Circle how often you need to test you smoke alarms: 1x a wk  1x a month  1x every 6 mos.

7.       Circle how often you need to change the batteries in your smoke alarms: 1x per mo.  1x per year

8.       Where do you need a fire extinguisher?____________________________________________

9.       Do you need/can you use a ladder rope to get to safety?______________________________

10.   What room(s) need a ladder rope?________________________________________________

11.   Do you practice home fire drills?__________________________________________________

12.   Why is having a fire drill in the evening the best time to have a drill?_____________________

Be sure to check our next post when we look at how you can help to keep your home or apartment safe by finding and fixing any fire hazards you might have in your home.

What’s Best to Drink?

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

The “Can Do” Kids learned from Nurse Diane that there are two drinks that are best for them and they should drink them most often.  What two drinks they do you think they are?

Milk and water                                      Water and juice

Milk and milk shakes                          Water and diet soda

Why do we need to drink milk?

Why do we need to drink water?

When is it okay to have soda?

Is it a good idea  to have a milk shake every day?