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Stay Healthy This Summer

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

“Good morning,” said Nurse Diane, as she smiled at the “Can Dos” all sitting together in the community center auditorium. “It certainly is hot out today” said Nurse Diane. “What can we do to stay healthy on days that are very warm”?

Orrie raised his hand and when called on said, “Drink lots of water. Not soda or juices with sugar in them, jut lots and lots of water. Our bodies need lots of water to stay healthy and for us to feel good in the hot weather.” Nurse Diane nodded and said, “Very good Orrie, you are right.”

Willie raised his hand and asked, “Do I have to wear sun screen lotion? I hate how it feels, and my grandma puts more on me every time I come out of the water. Besides, I have dark skin and probably won’t burn.”  Miss Diane answered, “You have a very smart grandma. You do need to put more lotion on when you come out of the water.You will get a burn without sun screen and it will really hurt ad you won’t feel very well.”

Willie looked surprised but as he sat down he turned to Hector and said, “I guess if I want to stay healthy I better let grandma put all that lotion on me.”

Nurse Diane asked, “What else do we need to put on us when we are playing outdoors”? Kathy and her hand and said, “I got so many bug bites last year. This year I am going to let my mom put bug spray on me.” The “Can Dos”all chuckled and Nurse Diane said, “Good idea, Kathy, bug bites are no fun and some bites can even make us sick.”

Maria raised her hand and said, “We need to wear a hat to protect our head, our face, and our eyes from the sun.” Nurse Diane nodded yes and then Arthur J raised his hand, saying, “I have very fair skin so I have to wear a tee shirt when I am in the water.”  Nurse Diane answered, “That is a very good idea, Arthur J.”

“What are good snacks to eat during the hot weather,” asked Nurse Diane.  Eulyn raised her hand and said, “Fruits like melon and berries are good and so are frozen real-fruit bars.” Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Nurse Diane said,”You are all summer-smart. You know how to stay healthy so you can continue to have fun this summer.”

Are you having a healthy summer?

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The Perfect Picnic

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

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The Partnership for Food Safety Education shares the following story with you about picnic food safety.

One summer afternoon… The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, but Anna was sitting inside. She gazed longingly out of her window at her neighbor’s shiny new bicycle. Her mother had told her she could have one too, but only if she could raise the money to pay for it herself! How was she going to do that?

Later on, Anna was out walking when she noticed a sign at her local park: “Need a summer job? Become manager of your own picnic park! Raise money by renting picnic lots and keeping visitors happy and healthy!”

Thinking that it sounded fun, Anna headed over to the park department office to get started.
1. What items must Anna stock in her park to make sure her visitors follow food safety practices?
A) Flowers, a fountain, a tree, and some ice cubes.
B) A grill, a cooler, a food prep station, and a food safety sign.
C) A picnic table, a trash can, a restroom, and some grill brushes.

The next day, Anna checks on her park before dinner. Her stock of food thermometers is low.
2. What should she do?
A) Not worry. You can tell if food is cooked by looking at the color!
B) Wait and see if her park visitors mention it.
C) Re-stock immediately. Food thermometers are the only way to tell if meat is cooked safely.
Anna decides to buy flowers instead of restocking her food thermometers. Later that week, she gets a phone call that a few of her visitors are in the hospital with food poisoning! Feeling terrible, Anna reads and learns that using food thermometers is the only way to tell if meat is cooked to a safe internal temperature!
A few days later…Something has gone terribly wrong at Anna’s picnic park! Many of her visitors are unhappy or sick. Anna notices that her park is out of soap.
3. True/False: Being unable to wash their hands with running water and soap is probably making Anna’s visitors sick.
While watching over her park, Anna notices her visitors doing unsafe things! They’re not washing their hands before handling food and after using the bathroom, and they’re not keeping their food separated to avoid cross contamination. She decides to buy a food safety sign so her visitors will be constantly reminded of the four core practices.
4. Fill in the blank. Anna’s food safety sign reminds her visitors to Clean, Separate, __________ and Chill.
Anna wants all of her visitors to learn as much about food safety as she has. The park department offers food safety training she could buy. It’s expensive and she will have to wait longer to get her bicycle, but she doesn’t want any more visitors to get sick at her park.
5. Yes/No: Should Anna buy food safety training for her visitors?
Anna decided to buy the food safety training to keep her visitors happy and healthy. Good news: it worked! No one has been sick since the training and her visitors keep coming back to her park. It makes Anna happy to know she is keeping her park visitors safe from food poisoning. What else makes Anna happy? With the money from her visitor’s repeat visits, she has just enough for that shiny new bicycle.

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Partnership for Food Safety Education July 2013

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