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The Word Jumble

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Well, the second day back to school was not much better than the first. So, Miss Pat decided it was another day for making a game out of learning, this time for spelling and vocabulary using a word jumble.

She chose a word jumble for them to do, hoping this would get their attention and they would learn and have fun while learning.

“The first three of you to finish the jumble correctly will not have any homework tonight.” Don’t shout out when you are finished the jumble, just raise your hand and I will come over and check your work,” said Miss Pat

Miss Pat handed out the jumble and the room got quiet. Soon Orrie’s hand went up. Then Maria raised her hand and then Yundi. Sure enough, they all had the jumble right! No homework for them.

Why don’t you see how you do with the jumble?

word jumble

The Counting Game

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Miss Pat and counting gamesThe first day back to school after the holiday break was hard for the “Can Dos” and Teacher Pat was having a hard time getting and holding their attention.

Kathy fell asleep and Annie had to nudge her with her elbow to wake up. Bobby was doodling in his notebook. Hector looked bored and Nellie and Maria kept whispering to each other.

“Class,” said Miss Pat,”I can see you are all having a hard time getting back into a listening and learning while sitting in your seats.

So, how about you all go to your computers and we will do some counting exercises.”

Willie shrugged and said, “Miss Pat, I know how to count. What do I need the computer to count”?

Miss Pat answered, “Willie, I knew everyone would be having a hard time paying attention their first day back, so I made up two counting games to play on the computer. In the games you will be counting by 3′s and by 4′s.”

Nellie, looked nervous. “That sounds hard, she said. “Oh, it will be fun,” said Orrie. “Okay for you to say, Orrie.You are good at math.” answered Nellie.

Once the class was settled in at their computers, Miss Pat directed them to go to the “Can Do’ Club House, then click on games and choose the counting game. First play counting by 3′s. Then play counting by 4′s.

The room grew quiet for the first time all day as the class got busy playing the counting game.

Why don’t you try the counting game boys and girls at home? Just follow Miss Pat’s instructions.