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What are You Going to Do This Summer?

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

goingThe classroom was warm. It was almost time to be going home and the “Can Do” Kids were restless and hot. Teacher Pat called the class to order, saying, “It’s almost summer. Let’s go around the room and share what we are all going to do over the summer. Willie, you start.”

Willie said, “I’m going to day camp at the community center.” Hector shared, “I’m going too.” Maria, Nellie, Eulyn, Orrie and Mickey all yelled out that they were going to the day camp too.

Jay shared that he was going to visit his grandparents on the Indian reservation in Dakota. Yundi and Wendy said they were going to China to spend the summer with their grandparents.

Annie could hardly stay in her seat she was so excited to share where she was going. “Okay, Annie, it is your turn,”  said Miss Pat.

Annie said, “I am so excited. my grandma, Grandma Maureen, won four tickets for a cruise to Canada. She is going to take Kathy and Arthur J and me with her as a reward for us getting such good grades this year.”!

Miss Pat smiled and said, “What a nice reward for doing well in school. It sounds like you all have some very nice things to do this summer.”

Orrie raised his hand and asked, “What will you be doing Miss Pat”? Miss Pat answered, “I will be take some classes, going to the beach and visiting friends.”

With that, the dismissal bell rang and the children got up to go. Miss Pat reminded them that Coach Campbell and Nurse Diane would be coming in to talk with them about being safe over the summer and that she would have their required reading list ready for them in a few days.

What Can I Make With…

Friday, May 27th, 2011

On the bus ride home from the class trip to the farm, Miss Pat challenged the “Can Do”Kids with a game of what can I make with what I saw at the farmer’s market.

Miss Pat said, “Okay, who is going to go first?

Bobby raised his hand and said, “I saw apples and  I can make applesauce with apples.”

Kathy went next saying she saw peaches and she can make a peach pie with her mom’s help.

Hector shared that he saw cherries and he could make an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top.

Eulyn saw celery and she knows she can make a tuna salad with cut up celery in it.

Willie saw tomatoes and he can make a salad with them.

Now it is your turn. Name one thing you make with the following things that the “Can Do” Kids saw at the farmer’s market?

eggs                         milk

butter                    cheese

strawberries       blueberries

potatoes               corn

The Class Trip

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

can do kids are sitting around tables in the classroom Miss Pat called the class to order and announced, “Class, on Monday, the 23rd of May,we are taking a class trip to a working farm outside of town.”

The class all clapped and Hector asked, “Will the class trip be all day”? Miss Pat smiled and answered, “Yes, it will be an all day class trip so we have some planning to do today so we are ready for the trip.”

As Miss Pat handed out the class trip permission request slips, she reminded the class that they needed to take the slips home and get a parent signature in order to go on the class trip.

“Remember class, do this right away, before you forget. Get the slips back to me as soon as you can. I can’t allow any one of you to take the trip if I don’t have a signed permission slip from a parent before the day of the trip. There are no exceptions to this school rule about trips.” The whole class sang out at the same time, “Yes Miss Pat.”

“First,” said Miss Pat, “We need to talk about what to wear. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that are good for lots of walking. Wear a sweater or jacket if it is cool. Other than lunch and morning and afternoon snacks, don’t carry anything else. I will get bottles of water from the school kitchen and that is the beverage we will drink during the day and at lunch.”

Miss Pat took out a list of suggested snacks and lunches that are fine for a trip when you don’t have anyway to keep them cold. She got the list from the school nutritionist. She asked Bobby to hand out the list to each child in class to being home for a parent to read.

Here are some of the things the nutritionist recommended to take on the class trip that don’t need to be kept cold:

  • Whole fruits: apples, bananas, pears, grapes, berries, oranges
  • Trail mix (avoid those with candy; stick with nuts, dried fruit, and seeds)
  • Peanut butter/jelly in a sandwich or on crackers
  • Dry cereal (look for varieties with less than 5 grams of sugar per serving)
  • Whole-grain pretzels or baked crackers
  • Popcorn, without butter or salt
  • Fruit leathers (made with 100% fruit juice or puree), or dried  fruits
  • Applesauce (check labels for sugar content)
  • Beef/turkey jerky
  • Nuts or seeds
  • Cookies: fig bars, animal crackers, oatmeal cookies, graham crackers

Who is My Mommy?

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Baby animals are often called different names than their mothers. For example: A puppy’s mommy is called a dog.

See if you can name each mommy for the different baby animals listed below. Check out the pictures below to help you.

What do we call

  • a lamb’s mommy ______________
  • a baby chick’s mommy______________
  • a duckling’s mommy________________a mommy hen and her chicks
  • a piglet’s mommy__________________
  • a calf’s mommy____________________
  • a pony’s mommy__________________

mommy cow and calves

mommy pig mommy sheep

mommy ducks

mommy horse

The Alphabet Food Quiz

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

“Okay, class let’s see how well you know what letters of the alphabet begin some of your favorite foods,” said Miss Pat.

An alphabet board helps the kids think of their letters“Bobby, please pass out this quiz to each of the students,” asked Miss Pat. Bobby gave each of the “Can Do” Kids a sheet of paper with a alphabet board and questions on it.

Miss Pat explained that the class was to answer all the questions. They had 20 minutes to complete the quiz.

How about taking the Quiz with them?

The Alphabet Food Quiz

What meat begins with the letter H ?

What vegetable begins with the letter C

What fruit begins with the letter B?

What fish begins with the letter T?

What breakfast food begins with the letter E?

What drink begins with the letter J?

What fruit begins with the letter M?

What dairy drink begins with the letter M?

What is in salad that begins with the letter L?

What dairy begins with the letter Y?

If you eat all your dinner, what do you have as a treat that begins with the letter P?

What treat is in a cone that begins with the letter I?

What fruit begins with the letter G?

What vegetable is good mashed that begins with the letter P?

What green vegetable begins with the letter S?

What fruit is often red in color and begins with the letter A?

Most of the “Can Do” Kids got all the alphabet questions right. How did you do with the Alphabet Food Quiz?