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Skateboarding Safety

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Hector loves to skateboard and he is really good at it! That’s why the instructor, who teaches the skateboarding class at the community center, has Hector demonstrate skateboarding to the new kids in the class.

Hector is smart and so are his parents. Before he tried using the skateboard he got for his birthday last year, he took a class on how to be safe and have fun skateboarding. Now he helps other kids to learn what he learned in class last year.

The instructor begins each class by going over the need for safety when skateboarding. He reminds parents and children that as much fun as skateboarding can be, it can also cause accidents if you don’t know what you are doing and are not wearing safety gear.

Here is what he shares:

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):

Children under age 5 years old should never ride a skateboard.
Children aged 6 to 10 years old need close supervision from an adult when they ride a skateboard.

The National Safety Council offers these skateboarding tips:

Wear proper protective equipment

Before getting on your skateboard, empty your pockets of all hard and sharp objects and put on your protective gear.

Aways wear your gear whether or not you are simply going from one point to another or attempting a new trick or not.

Wear your gear every trip, every trick, every time. Essential protective equipment includes:

A properly fitting helmet
Wrist guards
Knee and elbow pads

To protect your head from injury, always wear a properly fitting helmet. This is true no matter what your age, level of experience or location where you are skateboarding.

Get a quality bicycle or multi-sport helmet. It should meet or exceed safety standards of the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or Snell Memorial Foundation. You may need to try on several sizes and models to find a helmet that fits your head correctly and securely.

A properly fitting helmet:

  • Is worn flat on your head with the bottom edge parallel to the ground
  • Sits low on your forehead but does not interfere with your movement, vision or hearing
  • Has side straps that form a “V” shape around each ear
  • Has a buckle that fastens tightly (there should be room to put only two fingers between the strap and your chin)
  • Has pads inside that you install or remove so the helmet fits snug
  • Does not move in any direction when you shake your head in any direction
  • Replace your helmet when it is damaged, outgrown or at least every five years. You may need to replace it sooner if the manufacturer recommends it.

How to Fall
Learning how to fall may help reduce the chances of a serious injury. If you are losing your balance, crouch down on the skateboard so that you will not have as far to fall.

Tips for Using a Skateboard

  • Give your skateboard a safety check each time before you ride.
  • Always wear safety gear.
  • Never ride in the street.
  • Obey the city laws. Observe traffic and areas where you can and cannot skate.
  • Don’t skate in crowds of non-skaters.
  • Don’t skate on another person’s or business’ private property.
  • Only one person per skateboard.
  • Never hitch a ride from a car, bicycle, etc (skitching).
  • Learn to fall—practice falling on a soft surface or grass.

After the instructor finishes talking about safety, Hector demonstrates putting on gear, how to check out the skateboard before using it, the proper way to skateboard and how to fall. Then the instructor invites the class to try skateboarding.

At the end of the class, the instructor reminds kids to, “Practice safety, wear gear, only skate with adult supervision and you will have fun skateboarding”!

Dinosaur Show and Tell Day

Monday, February 21st, 2011

The “Can Do” Kids were  excited to see that Miss Pat  decorated the classroom with dinosaurs for Dinosaur Show and Tell Day. They each took their seats and waited for Miss Pat to call on them for show and tell.

Miss Pat called the class to order and said, “Class here are the rules for winning today’s show and tell prize, a book about dinosaurs. Each of you will take a turn. When all of you have presented your show and tell we will have a silent vote. You may not vote for yourself. In case of a tie, we will vote for the students that are tied.”

Wendy went first. She wrote a story about a dinosaur she called Puff. The class all clapped. Then Willie showed the picture he drew. He didn’t get as much applause as Wendy. When it was Kathy’s turn, she showed the class how to make a dinosaur out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper. Wow…she got lots of applause. Orrie talked about what dinosaurs ate.

Soon everyone had a turn but Hector. He went to the front of the room and put a small and a big box on Miss Pat’s desk. First he opened the small box and took out a dinosaur he made from green play dough. Everyone wanted to know how he had made it. That’s when he opened the big box and said, “I made it the same way I made these cookies…with a cookie cutter I  bought in the gift shop at the museum.” Then he gave out a dinosaur cookie to each of his classmates and Miss Pat. Everyone agreed it was the best dinosaur they had ever eaten!

Guess who won the book for show and tell. That’s right…it was Hector. He was very nice about it though. He told everyone  that after he read it, he would lend it to anyone who wanted to read it as long as they promised to take good care of it and give it back after a few days.

Dinosaur Show and Tell

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

The “Can Do” Kids were all excited about the  trip they just took to the dinosaur exhibit at the museum. They wanted to talk about what they saw and ask more questions about dinosaurs.

Orrie raised his hand and when Miss Pat called on him he asked, “Can we study more about dinosaurs this week”? Miss Pat answered, “That’s a good idea, but first I want to see how much you all got out of our trip today. So, tomorrow we are going to have dinosaur show and tell. Here are the rules for show and tell: write a story about dinosaurs, draw a picture, or make a dinosaur. The student with the most original show and tell will win the book I bought at the museum about dinosaurs.”

All the way home the “Can Do”s talked about what they would do for show and tell. Wendy said she would write about what she saw at the museum. Kathy thought she would draw a picture of a dinosaur. Orrie shared that he was going to do research on the Internet and write about what dinosaurs ate. Willie wasn’t sure, but he thought he might make a collage out of dinosaur pictures. Hector was strangely quiet. When Jay asked him what he was planning to do for show and tell Hector said, “It’s a surprise. You just have to wait until tomorrow to see what I am doing for show and tell.”

Be sure to come back on Thursday to find out what Hector did for show and tell and who won the book !

In the meantime…think about what you would do for a Dinosaur Show and Tell.

Grandpa John, What Games Did You Play In the Olden Days?

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

It was a snowy Saturday on “Can Do” Street and very, very cold. Some of the “Can Do” Kids were at Orrie’s for a play date since the snow was too deep for Orrie to get around outside in his wheelchair.

Grandpa John and Grandpa Dooley were hanging out with the “Can Do”s, reading stories and playing table games when Hector asked, “Grandpa John, what games did you play in the olden days”? The grandpas looked at one another and smiled. “Shall we tell them how we had fun, John, when we were there age”, asked Grandpa Dooley. “You mean before there was TV and computer games, and DVDs”,  replied Grandpa John.

“Okay”, said Grandpa John,”It’s almost time for all of you to go home for supper, but we can talk about the games today and the next time we are together we can go downstairs to the  playroom and try out some of these games.”

Grandpa Dooley began, “Who knows how to play Ringoleaveo”? The “Can Do” faces went blank . “What about Scully”? Again blank faces. “What about Hit the Stick, Marbles, Statues “? Orrie started bouncing in his chair and saying, “I know about marbles”!

Grandpa Dooley smiled and said, “OK, next time we meet you can show us your marble game and then we will show you how we played marbles.”

Just then the doorbell rang. It was Grandma Frances to pick up Hector. “Ohhh, just when it was getting good, I have to leave”, said Hector.

Grandpa John smiled and said, “I promise that the next time you come to play we will begin with marbles and then after that, each play date we will learn to play one of the “Olden Days” games. In the mean time, ask your grandpas what they remember playing. Be sure to ask your grandmas what they played as young girls, because boys and girls often played different games.”

OK boys and girls…start asking your grandparents what they played. Be sure to visit our next post when we will have marble games to share!

The Tooth Quiz

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

The “Can Do” Kids take good care of their teeth; do you?

Take the Tooth Quiz and see how you do:

  • How many times should you brush your teeth every day?
  • When should you brush your teeth each day?
  • Do you have to brush all of your teeth, or just the front ones?
  • How many minutes do you need spend brushing your teeth?
  • Circle if you should use a …soft bristle…a medium bristle …hard bristle brush… on your teeth?
  • How often should you get a new tooth brush?
  • Why do you need to floss your teeth?
  • How many times a day do you need to floss to get stuff from between your teeth that the tooth brush can’t get?
  • How many times a year do you need to see the dentist?
  • Circle all of  what the dentist does when you visit…cleans teeth…checks for cavities…checks for healthy gums…teaches you  how to take care of your teeth

You can do things every day to help your teeth and gums stay healthy and to have a nice smile. Circle what you can do to protect your teeth and gums:

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables     Drink and eat foods that are rich with calcium such low fat milk and yogurt      Eat lots of sugary treats

How did you do? If you got stuck, ask a parent or big brother or sister to go over your answers with you.

Keep Smiling!